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Published On: 16.04.2024Categories: news, Newsletter
A group of five people sitting on stage during a panel. The man on the left is holding a microphone. There are three women next to him, with another man at the opposite end.

In March, COALESCE was invited to a number of key conferences in Europe. Below are some of the highlights.

Science Europe – which represents major European organisations that fund and perform research – organised a high-level conference in Brussels, Belgium, with Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS), on the topic of “Unlocking the Power of Science Communication in Research and Policy Making”. Joana Magalhães from Science for Change represented COALESCE at the conference, speaking on a panel on the current priorities in science communication.

Following the conference, the organisers released their strategic conclusions, calling on European institutions, national governments and research organisations to incentivise science communication, recognise science communicators as professionals, promote AI literacy and adopt core principles for responsible science communication. COALESCE endorses the recommendations and call to action presented in the document, which you can download and read on the Science Europe website.

COALESCE also attended the “Science communication beyond tomorrow II: Reaching our stakeholders – channels and tools for success” event organised in Brussels, Belgium, by the Joint Research Centre, represented by Joana and by the University of Valencia’s Isabel Mendoza. A full recording of the conference as well as the presentations given can be found on EU Science Hub’s website.

In Venice, Italy, the European project Climateurope2 held the “Uniting science, services and standards for a climate resilient future” festival, to which COALESCE was invited, represented by Kaelin DeLong from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Kaelin participated in an interactive session on communicating climate knowledge.

Image credit: FNRS/Danny Gys (released under CC BY)

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